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Our long awaited return has arrived and it’s a time for celebration!
It’s not the normal return that awaits us, but we’re prepared for it patiently, boldly and with lots of longing. Once again, we’ve carefully collated colourful sales, beautiful surprises and tight security (at a safe distance!)
This back-to-school masks are trendy and a must have and everyone will have the right to their personal space (distance is chic!) While we’re waiting to see you again from 3 September, let’s have another look at Arlettie classic…

Addictive: Sales that thrill all of Paris and London. Caring: A team united as a family. Community: Eclectic and committed. Confidential: Selective private sales requiring the utmost discretion. Curator: Fashion and luxury crossroads. Elegance: A Parisian style and couture expertise. Event: Confidential places and ephemeral scenographies. Hedonist: The ultimate luxury experience within reach. Icon: Arletty revisited. International: London is opening now. Love brand: The brand we love because it brings us pleasure. Media: Sparkling articles. Parisian: Arlettie, capital of fashion. Precursor: Sharp and visionary. Rarity: Coveted prizes. Services: Warm attentions. Showrooms: Spaces full of charm. Shrine: A maker of miracles and dreams. Smart shopping: The pleasure of a happy shopping. Trust: Brand excellence. Ze end.

And most importantly – thank you!
To our faithful customers, loyal partners, our energetic teams and our community which is more loyal than ever…


It’ll never be the same again, it will be better!

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