Fashion Crush: So Shoe

"The sock divorce rate is continuing to rise"

Our sandals are waiting for them and the pavement can’t believe its eyes: sandals and pumps are armed with elegant socks for autumn. They cocoon us in our shoes to keep us warm, they break the rules and claim their place by revealing themselves openly in our shoes.

Shoes-Socks: instructions for use

  • What socks do I choose? Not all socks lend themselves to a sandal getaway. Consider them as an accessory which will let your imagination run wild: glitter, stripes, frills, dotted swiss, see through, lurex or loose knit…
  • How do I wear my sandal socks? A mid-season combo, they’re perfect with straight or split midi skirts or three-quarter length trousers. The idea is that just a little leg, just above the sock, is visible.
  • What colours do I combine? To remain discrete, opt for navy blue and black, raspberry and old rose, khaki and green, nude and dust… Pair with patent shoes for an even greater contrast. The expected look will be turned upside down by clashing colours: yellow and black, grey and purple, blue and white, black and white, red and grey… Your only limit is our sock colour chart.
"The sock divorce rate is continuing to rise"

The So Shoe fashion!

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