The trench coat from all angles

Lifelong companion

You can wear it at the office or during weekends in the countryside, leave it open to let the air in or close it in case of cold weather. Short or long, fitted or oversized, vintage… The famous trench coat has more than one follower. With British upbringings, Parisian women adopted the trench coat and made it their closet’s master piece.
A unique classic of any good dressing room that respects itself. This chic, lightweight coat is no longer a debate: it is Ess-en-tial!
When we talk about “The Trench”, we immediately think of the Burberry model and its tartan lining. The origin of this masterpiece is thanks to Thomas Burberry who was in charge of designing a rigid raincoat for British army officers in the trenches (trenches = trench coat). Once the war was over, this famous trench coat landed on the streets to become a fashion icon in its own way, to such an extent that couturiers and stylists kept reinventing it.

Two schools in conflict

Between fans of its vintage version and the pro-tendencies. The choice is a difficult one, we admit it.
Vintage: Ample, soft, smooth and in perfect condition, cool and relaxed, never gentrified.
Contemporary: Printed, coloured, declined, sometimes offbeat, anything is possible as long as it can still be called “trench coat”!

Lifelong companion

A trench for each wardrobe

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