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Fast…slow fashion

Ready to Last

Trustworthy, iconic, astonishing, innovative, but what about conscious? Imagine a world where chic and ethics combine, overproduction is replaced by careful production, materials migrate from plastic to plants, and our wardrobes opt for only the essentials. The time for slow fashion has come!

The designers who wear the fruits of labour

A one-off is no longer enough: finally, designers demand collections that respect the environment. Houses combine talent and eco-responsibility and (re) establish meaning to collections. At Carel, iconic samples are revisited in pineapple leather, and at Maison R&C, the fur is vegan. For Thinking Mu, dried flowers, banana fibres and recycled plastic bottles will dress us up for the winter. Stella Pardo, a knitting single mother from Lima, uses Peruvian craftsmanship to raise awareness for female employment while cultivating the French imagination. Pima cotton is admired for its vegetable fibre which grows in an arid area without water.


Fast…slow fashion

A new way of life

Now more than just a trend, responsible fashion is illustrated by strong and enlightened initiatives. For example, upcycling gives our clothes a second life, and vegan fashion week brings faux-animal materials down the catwalks, with designers like Jacquemus embracing the phygital by focusing on fashion shows that we attend… from the sofa!

Since challenges are on the rise, Project 333 is likely to meet with unanimous support. Developed by the American Courtney Carver, the project minimises your walk-in wardrobe to 33 pieces per season! If doing the most means doing the least, who is doing it?

Arlettie, the green state of mind

Because we are giving the collections of the biggest fashion houses a new chance, Arlettie has always been keen not to let anything go to waste. So instead, we select inspiring houses and timeless pieces that punctuate our love story for fashion with good taste and responsibility. Pieces that we love to wear… forever.

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