Holiday sparkle

It’s THE question we’re asking before the holidays.

New Year’s Eve is coming up and we’re dreaming of sparkles, sequins, velvet or anything that would brighten up our outfit.

In winter evenings where everything good is glittering, shine a light on combinations which will make the most beautiful ones go dancing!

  • Sequins + knitwear: Or how to tackle the very eighties sequin sparkle with a cosy material. A sparkly pencil skirt or flare pants soften with a comforting jumper – that’s the magic of the casual look.
  • Lamé tailoring + flat shoes: Sequins don’t necessarily mean girly. A lamé or embroidered dinner jacket and rock shoes on your feet shine a light on your tomboy look.  Go daring by wearing the jacket on bare skin for a touch of sensuality.
  • Gold + Silver: Do you prefer the colour if the moon or the sun? This year, gold and silver share the monopoly on rhinestones… enough to create a high contrast silhouette.
  • Sparkles + ….sparkles: Play the star of the evening on a shining set. You can choose: a touch of disco, a shining velvet nineties slip dress… Accessorised with lamé platforms and fake fur, for a diva look.

Arlettie Crush: Sequins

These small metal discs sewn on clothing are emblematic of the splendor of the 80s, no evening at the Palace or Studio 55 was without them! Sequins are getting up to date and mixing with natural and casual materials.

On the catwalk: At Paco Rabanne, the fashion house known for its futurist aspirations, offer shiny dresses paired with hoodies.

In our wardrobe: Shine a light on a shimmering pencil skirt paired with a denim jacket or a slightly loose knitted jumper for everyday shine. Or as a total look for a guaranteed disco spirit.

Look on the sparkley side of life

Discover the most beautiful holiday looks

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