The return of the Christmas jumper!

Kitch and couture
All I want for
is you...

It has its own international day and managed to reunite Bridget Jones and Marc Darcy. It embodies the Christmas spirit and celebrates kitch with panache. More than a symbol, the Christmas jumper embodies a tradition that we both fear and love.

A must-have for the end-of-year wardrobe, it’s available in wool, cashmere or alpaca, adorned with all the unexpected seasonal twists! While snowflakes and mountain friezes are included, the Christmas sweater opens its heart (and its stitches) to acid colours, quirky patterns and tailored cuts.

All I want for
is you...
At the top of wish lists

Formerly by the fireside, the Christmas jumper is now in the spotlight!

For its comeback, it has been welcomed by luxury brands make it an iconic piece where being daring is allowed. Gucci gives us a vitamin version where strawberries and pineapples replace reindeer heads, Alberta Feretti spreads the message and Isabel Marant gives an 80s looks with a cinched waist and oversized sleeves. While Edited and Blanca Miró collaborate to design a piece in pastel shades, autumn colours are often in the spotlight. At Ralph Lauren, Celine or Stella McCartney, they’re reinterpreting the Fair Isle, a famous ancestral knitted jumper with iconic patterns.

Cosy, chic and clash!

We wear it with...
  • A velvet mini-skirt and knee-high boots to play with gaps.
  • High waisted Mom jeans for a very 90s looks
  • Flannel dungarees for the complete winter look
  • A simple pair of opaque tights (if possible, with its length) for a more sensual look

Discover our Christmas selection!

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