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Fashion journalist, columnist, documentary maker, YouTuber… Loïc Prigent is a passionate and funny man who tells stories of the other side of fashion in his own unique style. Expert on the subject, he infuses humour and mockery into the world of fashion, without damaging his work as a leading fashion journalist featured in Vogue, Vanity Fair, Madame Figaro, Canal Plus… While he squeeze behind the scenes and listens closely, he retells these “whispers” from the fashion world which he’s complied into two equally scathing and hilarious books: “Pass me the champagne, I’ve got a frog in my throat” (2019) and “I love to hate fashion: Real quotes and whispers behind the runway” (2016).

Even when catwalks go digital, Loïc Prigent remains behind the camera, giving us a very special edition of 52 minutes of fashion following “the last Fashion Week in the world before” last May.
This summer, we found him in a wheat field filming the Jacquemus catwalk and behind the scenes at Chanel and in their workshops with Journal 2.0 of the latest haute couture collection. Geek is chic!

To avoid missing a second of his adventures, follow him here on Twitter, Instagram et his YouTube channel.

Fashion Week Whispers

  • “Sorry I’m late! I was hesitating at CHANEL.”
  • “He can read the future in Hermès scarves.”
  • “One day Anna Wintour told me I love your shirt, I added it to my resume.”
  • “You know fashion week is over when you have to pay for champagne.”
  • “Shall I refer to you as a blogger or an influencer ? – Artist.”
  • “I live in 35 square meters while my necklace is worth 100 square meters..”
  • “We are looking for a shade of pink like pink flamingo, shocking but not natural park and certainly not millenial pink.”
  • “Breathtaking shoe. A skyscraper. It’s sold with bandaids.”
  • “Am I bothering you? – No, it’s fine. I was thinking of Prada.”
  • “You don’t say it is unlikely, you say: volumes are dream-like.”

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