Lipstick has but one case

For today and for tomorrow
Ruby, raspberry, poppy, carmine, coral...

Resolutely fashionable, definitely timeless and unconditionally sophisticated, lipstick has been worn since Cleopatra. It passed through the centuries without blinking, loyal to the position, ready to illuminate any face. We couldn’t find any worthy competitor, let alone a substitute. And that’s good, we’d never part with it!
Whether you prefer ruby, raspberry, poppy, carmine, coral… All that was left to do was to find the perfect setting to adorn your favorite lipstick.

Ruby, raspberry, poppy, carmine, coral...

to make us blush…

A fan of all reds, La Bouche Rouge Paris reinvents the format of our loyal lipstick with more than twenty tones. Each one is nestled in a jewelry case made of leather by the Tanneries du Puy, holders of the “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant” label. Between the excellency of French know-how and mastery of traditional techniques, this precious case stands out as a daily object, durable and customisable.
For today and for tomorrow, you can recharge it over and over again with your favourite shade. Something to make us blush for many years to come…

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