Let's meet with: Solange Smith

Solange Smith: Arlettie's muse
Clothing as a reflection
of personality

Model, but also artist, Solange Smith embodies the Arlettie brunette. Born from a Franco-Dutch father and a Malaysian and Chinese mother, Solange grew up under the bright Mallorcan sun, between the sea and arid lands.
When she is not posing under the lens, our beautiful influencer draws and paints in her Parisian apartment. An artist at heart, inspiring and inspired, our deer-eyed muse plays with fashion timelessly, as she embodies a fresh and resolutely Parisian look.

Today, she is launching our series of portraits which, we hope, will delight you as much as they do us. It is time for us to introduce you to our new concept, which bridges style, influence and fashion philosophy.

Clothing as a reflection
of personality

Solange seen by Arlettie

Her style: A judicious mix of vintage pieces unearthed in thrift stores and small rising brands. The Result? Unique, assumed, subtly feminine and well personalised looks.

Her fashion influences: Solange draws her inspiration from the looks of female characters in movies from the 40s and the 70s, as well as from those described by literature. Once vintage, always vintage.

Her fashion philosophy: “Clothing as a reflection of personality”. To be taken literally, day and night. A motto that sticks to Arlettie’s skin.

Her Instagram account: Between Paris and Mallorca, city and beach, art and good food. @solangesmith

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