The ERES allure

Treasures of sophistication!

Intuitive, assertive, and visionary, Eres is a House founded by women for women. Driven by the desire to liberate its contemporaries from the dictates imposed on them, Eres imagines a wardrobe where clothing can be worn with ease. For more than fifty years, Eres has celebrated the moving body with strength and finesse.

In 1968, as the struggles for individual freedoms multiplied, Maison Eres engaged in another battle: offering women swimsuits that are as elegant as they are comfortable. They adopted a minimalist look by removing ribs and other adornment and replacing them with innovative materials that shape the body instead of compressing it. A revolution that the designer extends beyond style. They set out to sell their swimsuits throughout the year, separating the tops from the bottoms and putting the one-piece in the spotlight. Eres defied the rules and created its own.

In 1996, ERES joined the prestigious Chanel group with which they shared a sense of detail and a taste of savoir-faire. On the strength of this association, from 1998, Eres imagined a new line of lingerie followed by ready-to-wear collections for the home, the beach, and for sporting activities. A new kind of vocabulary that accompanies women for every moment and in every season.

Treasures of sophistication!

Like those that wear them, these creations are unique, timeless, and recognizable. The colours are in fig, sage, terracotta or rose water, and the prints accentuate your silhouette giving the illusion of curves. The savoir-faire is reinterpreted through innovations to offer unlimited freedom of movement, and the materials are expressed as soft skin, jersey, and silk, specially developed by the house.

Passionate about renewal and faithful to the purest French traditions, Eres weaves its signature style on leaver looms: an exclusive Calais lace on which its logo becomes a motif. This technological feat is required, giving birth to desirable, resistant and unprecedented lace.

The embodiment of intergenerational feminity, Eres is inspired by women far more than fashion. The clean-lined creations are imbued with assurance and modernity, confidence and daring. Collection after collection, we find the iconic ones and discover ever more seductive designs. In this universe, each garment is dressed in delicacy, subtlety, and perfection.

And when Arlettie steps in:

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