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Arlettie Boys!

Fashion is not a subject for women only: city dwellers, frequent travellers, business men, shy and extravagant, artists and dreamers, down-to-earth… At Arlettie, each man has his own style, his desires and amply deserves his shopping moment.

Some people like to wander around the shelves and let themselves be surprised by a special piece, others have a sense of targeted and efficient shopping, in the manner of Thibaut Caillemer du Ferrage, Arlettie’s co-founder. But for everyone, there is only one motto: never take yourself seriously. Fashion is above all a life accessory, a treat that makes us feel good. We like masculine and simple looks. Beautiful pieces, breathtaking fabrics, colours why not, but no need to add more. Simple things are often the most beautiful, such as shared moments… An opportunity for us to invite you backstage at our latest men’s shooting. You join us?

Let’s go backstage

After fittings meticulously orchestrated by the Arlettie teams, we head to the Paris photo studio where we meet our photographer Marc Philbert who is adjusting his camera.

In front of the lens, Hadrien Bal, our Arlettie Man plays the clown. On the racks, stylists install the selection. Accessories are waiting.

Everything is ready, the shooting starts, flashes pop, and soon laughter breaks out.

Arlettie under the spotlight!

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