New start!

2021...finally you are here!

Start over again with a new year and lots of good resolutions! From the bottom our hearts, the whole Arlettie team wishes you a sweet and bright 2021.

Whilst we turn the page on 2020, 2021 is just waiting to be written…
Colourful projects to fill our white pages,
Innovative desires to experience a new rhythm,
Boldness and determination to get to the end of each chapter,
Twists to always surprise
Small pleasures and great happiness putting  stars in your eyes,
Love and kindness making everyone the hero of their own life…

At Arlettie, history is also rewritten: the interior decors  are being reinvented and the adventures linked. This year we are committed to continuing to welcome you with all the joy and effervescence that runs through our Paris and London showrooms – putting the greatest luxury within reach of those who dream of it. And now every Sunday, we  invite ourselves to your home through exceptional sales at our e-shop. You will pick up impulse buys!

And if we had to take a little distance despite ourselves, it was to make our reunion a new chapter in a story that is being written together. Thanks to both your trust and the loyalty of the Luxury Houses who have supported us for more than 15 years, we shall continue the story – with you, with them – punctuating it with exciting events throughout the New Year.

So ready, set…you give us wings!


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