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Some painters transform the sun into a yellow dot; others transform a yellow dot into the sun.Pablo Picasso

The colour of sunflowers, lemons, laughs that we avoid and lines we do not always cross… The sun we wait for in winter and the saffron which reminds us of the Mediterranean… It’s also the colour Vincent Van Gogh is partial to and the colour of the legendary New York taxis. It is sunny, warm, sparkling and enchants style, revealing our boldness and giving a punchiness to our silhouettes. For a long time, it was seen as “difficult to wear”, now it’s considered the colour of those who dare.

While red ignites and blue captivates, yellow sparkles on catwalks… Already present for several seasons, this summer it plays a playful and fresh card. It added a twist to tweed at Chanel, broke the blazer rules at The Attico and was honoured at Jacquemus. Whether you wear it on your skin, feet, or arms, it immediately adds a flash of light – yellow was born to shine! As soon as yellow comes on the scene, all eyes are on it. Available in several shades from pastel to mustard, each shade has its own identity and tells its stories.

  • The yellow girls in flowers: In pastel shades, it’s soft and delicate. It’s found on a wispy blouse or a little strappy dress which we pair with a lavender or almond green cardigan.
  • Freshly squeezed lemon for a zesty outfit: For a tangy look, opt for this a zestier version! Lemon yellow is eye catching and offers a relaxed style which makes an impression. Perfect on a mini dress or pantsuit, it grabs attention and tantalises.
  • Oriental notes: Yellow can be saffron! We love wearing this warm and sensual colour, whether it’s a safari inspired jumpsuit or a swimsuit with a hint of the 70s.
  • Pop colour: When the 80s influences the season, it’s difficult to resist the call of neon yellow. On a boyfriend t-shirt, denim shorts or a bandana, it shows our rebellious side and gives our sensible silhouettes a little boost.
Some painters transform the sun into a yellow dot; others transform a yellow dot into the sun.Pablo Picasso

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