We love him so much !

The authentic.

Transforming a lavender field into a runway, crossing Paris with an XXL bag, transcending raffia: Jacquemus tames audacity. A fashion genius, a virtuoso of communication, the creator with golden ideas masters the art of surprise and seduction like no other. Creating a true universe, Jacquemus has successfully articulated his sunny DNA with the brilliant marriage of contrasts.

The Jacquemus adventure began in 2009. At the age of 19, freshly arrived in Paris, Simon decides to launch his brand, which he names after his mom’s maiden name. His pieces quickly garner attention, and his first collection, Jacquemus en Grève, paying homage to workers, establishes the tone for an engaged and eloquent fashion. 

We love him so much !

Jacquemus, draw me a story…

At Jacquemus, a collection is first imagined through the story it will tell. The cinema of the 80s, childhood memories in the South of France, Isabelle Adjani: sources of inspiration meet and intertwine to give life to pieces that are minimalist, sensual, and unique. The Jacquemus wardrobe plays with lengths, accentuates the silhouette, and places décolletés where they are least expected. Linen, knitwear, and even raffia become the canvas of the master who champions warm colours such as pink, green, orange, and ivory.

Mini bag and maxi hat

In this highly desirable wardrobe, accessories reign supreme. In 2017, Jacquemus unveils the Chiquito, a small handbag with broad handles and a retro charm. Its instant success solidifies its status as an iconic piece of the Maison. The introduction of the miniature version prompts an unanswered question: what can you fit inside? Then, it’s the fringed raffia basket Baci, the XXL straw capeline Bomba, the shoes with geometric heels, and the Santon hat tied around the face, that join this illustrious list.  

The prodigy of fashion and runway is once again making headlines!

Far from the fields of wheat and lavender, we find him, opening the door to his kingdom and inviting us to Versailles… Discover his magnificient latest show: Le Chouchou !

Heart flutter, sun-kissed !

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