Passionately Lagoon

The lagoon is to the lagoon what each person is to their own...

Could any other colour invite you to escape as much? Like a chromatic journey between blue and green, turquoise transports hypnotizes and soothes. Named after the eponymous semi-precious stone, this inimitable shade symbolizes wisdom, celebrates the exotic, and illuminates with finesse. If its history begins in Antiquity, turquoise has established itself as one of the most modern colours, from the catwalks … to our living room.

Native to China, Mesopotamia, and Egypt, turquoise obtains its colour from a mixture of copper, phosphate, and aluminium. Praised by previous civilizations, it plays multiple roles as the ornamental stone for the Egyptians, a bargaining chip for American Indians and even a national emblem for Tibetans. In addition, it is credited with the power to grant wealth and health to all who wear it. At the beginning of the 15th century, it is renamed “Turkish stone”, but this is a misunderstanding. Turquoise is mined in Persia and only makes a stopover in Turkey before reaching Europe. An appellation that will evolve over the centuries but will maintain its origin… which is inaccurate!

The lagoon is to the lagoon what each person is to their own...

Turquoise? Our colour crush!

  • The colour of travel: turquoise evokes the paradisiacal seas of the world’s four corners and offers itself to many getaways!
  • It stands out on Edgar Degas dancers, on the walls and vintage cars in Havana, in the peacock feather reflections, or Andy Warhol’s Marylin Monroe background.
  • It walks the red carpet with Milla Jovovich at the Cannes Film Festival and Blake Lively at the Time 100 Gala.
  • It even managed to chard Kate Middleton, who chose to wear it on her first official visit to Pakistan and adopted it in the Jenny Packham dress she loves to the point of wearing it twice.
  • Long considered a summer colour, turquoise is now invited to every season! This summer, it colours Elie Saab dresses, Hermès swimsuits, a Louis Vuitton trench coat and Celine sneakers. Next winter, we will find it in a suit at Saint Laurent, on gloves by Prada, and a quilted teddy with Emilio Pucci.
  • And for those who love harmony, turquoise goes with elegance: white reveals light, fuchsia underlines its daring, yellow makes it solar

All in turquoise!

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