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Day or night, at the office or on holiday, there are some jewellery pieces one cannot part with. Timeless, easy to wear and never out of style, they fit on the wrists, slip on the finger, nestle within the neckline and hang from the lobes without any reluctance. At Arlettie, our IT jewelry comes from Tiffany & Co, the emblematic jeweller with recognisable pieces at first sight.
In the same way as Elisabeth Taylor, who enhanced her evening dresses with a beautiful pair of earrings, we trust you with our tips, to know how to perfectly wear these sparkling delights.

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Arlettie's tips
  • Fitted to the wrist: Simple and effective, the elegant Tiffany bracelet in yellow, white or pink gold is as much a fit for the classic jeans-and-shirt combination as it is for evening wear. Delicate with a long dress, feminine with a male suit!
  • Slipped at your fingertips: On the ring side, accumulation is essential: the thin bands pile up and multiply, alloys mix and larger pieces come in to add a feminine and modern twist.
  • Nestled within the neckline: On the necklace side, we mix lengths. With a slightly unbuttoned shirt, the Tiffany pendant strengthens the neckline. As for the short necklace, it wakes up a modest round-neck t-shirt.
  • Hanging from the lobes: Discreet studs, XL hoops or long pendants, earrings are worn in pairs to give style to a classic turtleneck or alone to feminize a boyish look.
  • Rose gold on a daily basis: The delicate pink gold is very easy to wear every day. The good news is that it matches almost every skin colour and can be easily combined with other alloys. An option to be seriously considered.

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