Gipsy Queen!

Fashion is a journey!

It is given as many names as it has nuances: Gipsy, traveller, bohemian… the gipsy invites itself into a universe with notes of magic, folklore, and freedom. Far from being a fashion that comes and goes, this travelling spirit has taken root as a truly contemporary art of living—the itinerary style where every woman is a Queen.

A fashion that did not want to be one…

When it emerged in the 1960s, the gipsy did not intend to become a fashion style. Quite the contrary! The youth wanted to free themselves and adopted the movement to live against the dictates of their elders. Like the eternal nomads before, the gipsy symbolises the independence and the casualness that is now so sought after. This clothing opposition rose to the catwalks a few years later: Yves Saint Laurent made it a signature, embodied by his muse Loulou de la Falaise.

Fashion is a journey!

Cult or Culture?

Before seducing our wardrobes, the gipsy made its place in culture! It was found in the disguise of the enigmatic Esmeralda de Notre Dame de Paris by Victor Hugo, in the painting La Bohemienne by Pierre August Renoir, and even through the comics by Corto Maltese. Between literature and art, the gipsy spirit travelled…

Nomad in his head, a nomad in his looks

The gipsy wardrobe consists of pieces with influences from here and there. Built throughout travel, we find a fringed purse brought back from Mexico, an embroidered dress from New Delhi, and a talisman necklace with turquoise stones from Greece. A fashion journey in which Emilio Pucci, Dolce and Gabbana and Altuzarra recently took part. More than a trend, the gipsy is reinvented through the art of combining and mix-and-matching with subtlety and daring.

Invitation to escape

The gipsy also finds himself inspiring interior design: the Hungarian studio A + Z Designers with its Gypsy Furniture Collection, India Mahdavi and its Mabouls glasses or even Moroso with its (very imposing!) Shadowy sofa. Embroidered cushions, patchwork throws, colourful pouffes: envy and imagination are the only limits! We cover tables with fuchsia, orange or green tablecloths covered in flowers that follow one another in a marriage of sparkling colours. Tassel chandeliers hang from the ceilings to provide a shimmering play of light and imbue the room with a festive bohemian atmosphere.

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