Tutti Frutti !

24 hours in the life of a shoe…

She makes our head spin, and yet she is the one at our feet! A hybrid model with a luminous charm, the jewel adorned shoe combines daring with finesses. Embellished with crystals, adorned with pearls or dreamlike patterns, this shoe, with a thousand wonders, arouses envy, delicately dazzles and impresses from the first glance.

At 9 o’clock: A Fruity Cocktail

Start the day with your vitamins by slipping into a pair of Tutti Frutti sandals. At Aquazurra, crystal-covered strawberries, mangoes, and small lemons decorate with remarkable brilliance. Around the ankle, the ties are tied and untied, punctuated with small green leaves.

At 1 o’clock: Lunch on the go

Going out for lunch? Dare to wear a pair of feathered mules with boyfriend jeans and a white shirt borrowed from the men’s fitting room. The satin features of the playful heels contrast with the minimalism of the silhouette- an unprecedented marriage that we’d like to adopt!

24 hours in the life of a shoe…

4 o’clock: Summer Garden Party

When the bell rings for tea-time, we bring out the butterfly and flower-adorned sandals with a sigh of relief. Once placed delicately on each foot, these colourful slippers invoke oneirisms, travel and escape. It only takes a few steps into the garden for flora and fauna to envelope in iridescent leather.

9 o’clock: The sunsets as we rise in heels

When we can finally go out for dinner again, we will grow in height by sneaking the stilettos that compete with eloquent adornments. Fuchsia, silver, gold or nude, there are many shades, each sparkling in rhinestones. Pair with tuxedo pants, a 90s mini-skirt or an oversized jacket…

Midnight: Because the day is never over…

Aquazzura takes the disco ball from the ceiling to the dance floor for those who will continue the evening with an enchanted break! This is the perfect pair to make you want to celebrate, dare, and once again assert your style with elegance, seduction and joie de vivre.

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