White Swan

Beneath the swan’s feathers.
« Ruffled feathers »

If feathers can embellish costumes at the theatre, they will be a welcome guest in our wardrobes this season! Light, elegant, bold, but delicate, they transform the Tchaikovsky ballet when Princess Odette becomes a majestic swan dressed in white feathers. And here, Arlettie spreads her wings to stage a dressing room where each piece leads into a new dance…

Give wings to the ones who dare to dream… 

At Elie Saab, feathers are worn like jewels. They underline the necklines and give each silhouette a touch of couture. At Chanel, they select the iconic black and white of the Maison de la rue Cambon: so chic! At Marchesa, they are the real stars, and at Valentino, they give the white shirt all its originality.

« Ruffled feathers »

The Black Eagle

Unable to exist independently, black is to white like the day is to night. At Saint Laurent, feathers play on this contrast card in monochrome. On the cuffs of a top, the hem of a fitted dress, or the collar of a floral dress, the black feathers dazzle and bring drama to every outfit!

Little feathers

In accessories too, feathers are essential. The Jil Sander earrings, twirling on the Fendi bag create the illusions of a cloud with softness and grace. Moschino prefers to indulge in printed motifs where the leather becomes a canvas, and the feathers are calligraphed.

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