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Once upon a time with

A soft morning light filters through the curtains, the flowers bloom in a vase on the windowsill. Where children play around the dining table, ceramic plates clatter as breakfast is laid. In the afternoon, the glasses are filled and bare feet tip toe across the handwoven rugs. Like the books on the bookcases telling stories of distant lands, this one tells the story of Caravane.

The fairy tale begins in 1995 with photographer, explorer and decorator Françoise Dorget. From one place to another, her heart was captured by the artisans she met and the souvenirs she collected. By imagining a new approach to Parisian design, Dorget brings Caravane to life.

Once upon a time with

In 2011, after falling in love with the nomadic philosophy of Caravane, Véronique and her husband Jack-Eric Piedeleu, later joined by their daughter Capucine, stepped on board to continue the adventure and write the next chapter. With a fresh wind in their sails, the family business navigates to new horizons and foreign lands. Landing in Aix en Provence, Bordeaux, Copenhagen, London, Lyon, Nice, and San Francisco. The Maison now has more than ten showrooms around the world.

Carried by its travelling soul, Caravane extends its odyssey with remarkable talents. The Maison signs its latest tableware collaboration with the Moroccan artist and designer Bouchra Boudoua, where arabesques and oriental motifs are interpreted as poetry. With each encounter, Caravane builds its collections from tableware to furniture, household linen to decorative objects, lighting to wallpaper. Each capsule creates gateways to different worlds and allows traditions from faraway lands to travel to your doorstep.

And when Arlettie gets involved…

Arlettie meets Caravane in London for an exclusive private sale. Ready, set, escape! A chest full of treasures waits for you from 23rd to 26th February 2022.

Just around the corner

Maison Caravane has your ticket to an exceptional interior.

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