Gold & Orange

Orange power!

Sometimes associated, often complementary, gold and orange undoubtedly form one of the most potent chromatic couples. Solar shades that call for travel and escape combine similarities and symbols specific to each. This winning combination continues to shine across the borders, from the Haute Couture catwalks to jewellery ateliers or historical artefacts.

While Paul Éluard romanticized “the Earth is blue like an orange”, this colour is not nearly as old as the world. The orange was first introduced in the West during the 14th century with the importation of the fruit whose name it bears. Moreover, certain shades have taken influence from natural elements, including saffron, cashew, mango, cantaloupe and jujube. Notably, the warmest colour of the chromatic circle, a sacred colour in Hinduism, revolutionary in history and synonymous with energy, vitality, and strength – strength and power that is classically attributed to gold. A precious metal characterized by excellence and universally associated in all cultures with wealth and power, it adorns the sarcophagi of Antiquity, dresses the Aztec and presents Persian deities as religious icons. Historically expensive, the colour gold remains reserved for what is considered most noble. Bonded to each other, gold and orange fascinate, captivate and arouse envy.

Orange power!

Treasured Pieces

Bright and festive, orange and gold hues have repeatedly won the hearts of designers and their collections. Now indisputable, today’s trends illustrate the orange and gold alliance and continue to impose themselves as a bold, elegant and firmly distinguished composition. Inspired by the beauty of Marrakesh, Yves Saint-Laurent introduced the combination, with Chloé, Aquazzura, Céline and Chanel to follow, premiering their ever more sparkling accessories.

Joyful Jewels

From fine to costume jewellery, orange and gold never cease to shine. For Gabrielle Chanel, the two shades enhance the Baroque-inspired embellishments she opts to wear stacked and in excess. Aurélie Bidermann appropriates this astonishing palette by highlighting coral hues and working the gold meticulously and with expert craftsmanship. At Bulgari, citrine blends with precious metal to give life to dazzling and unique creations.

Solar scents

In the world of perfumery, gold and orange also reign supreme. Subtly enigmatic, gold and orange reflect softness and warmth, exude sensuality and preciousness, and offer delicacy and strength. Hermès, Francis Kurkdjian and Nina Ricci have coated their signature bottles with these colours, expressing their fragrances’ full power and intensity.

Gold & Orange

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