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The arch look
and Re-bel

The perfectly adjusted arch, an unrivalled allure, its colour identifiable from afar… Yes, they’re Louboutins. For years, these iconic high heels with their signature Pantone 18.1663TP red soles have paraded through the streets of the biggest capitals.

From the pointed Pigalle to the dizzying So Kate, all Christian Louboutin models have one thing in common: they elongate the leg and outline the ankle for a highly feminine curve. A luxurious must have, Louboutin stamped heels can be seen in any good wardrobe.

and Re-bel

A lofty exhibition

With his sky-high ideas, sometimes defying the laws of gravity, Christian Louboutin has created shoe-objects for 30 years which are both worn and exhibited.

Until 3 January 2021, the gifted and picky designer is exhibiting his precious shoes and iconic stilettos  in Palais de Porte Dorée, where it all began. Because it is here that, as a child, he saw a poster announcing the forbidden heel for the first time. From this crossed out symbol an overwhelming desire to draw was born…

We’re given the opportunity to wander through three decades of creations and inspirations: from literature to cinema, passing through the designer’s travels. But we also discover Christian Louboutin’s unique journey, his drawings and unpublished projects – kept secret until now – in collaboration with renowned directors, artists and photographers. With creation as a vocation and a special attachment to the expertise of crafts, Christian Louboutin opens the doors to his festive and dreamlike subconscious.
Without a doubt one of the most beautiful fashion exhibitions of the year, don’t miss it for the world!

An exhibition, a passion, years of creations.

Christian Louboutin, the Exhibition[ist]

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