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The ERES allure
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Lipstick has but one case

First-time fan of all lipsticks, La Bouche Rouge Paris reinvents the format of our faithful red lipstick and puts it in a jewel case. This will make us blush for many years to come.
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Mini-skirt, great mind
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Arlettie fait son cinéma


The camera bag by The Marc Jacobs

We have completely fallen for this clutch without filter by The Marc Jacobs, the small bag for the big city.
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Kim Jones, the maestro!

The British designer was one of the first to infuse sportswear into big name collections. A stroke of poker and a stroke of genius for the man whose inspiration can be found on (almost) every street corner.
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A Jewellery Temptation
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Lord Paul Smith

With sobriety as a heritage and pop culture as a passion, the stylist (re)defines the basis of the British look, by imposing a great variation of styles from more than five decades. Let's meet the invincible Sir Paul Smith.
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